Reflections from Davos 2022: Africa’s Energy Transition

Easy Solar Co-Founder and COO, Nthabiseng Mosia at Davos

What is your impression of WEF 2022 and your role in kick-starting discussions for such a privileged gathering?

What were the highlights of your contributions to the discussion regarding the delivery of an equitable net-zero and nature-positive business in a volatile world?

What is/are your main takeaway(s) from that discussion?

What would be your assessment and your main point(s) of reflection for this year’s WEF?

  1. The age of fossil fuels is coming to an end. Nobody is questioning that anymore. It’s just a matter of how rapidly we accelerate the transition. Clean energy is the future of energy, and solar is a major part of the equation. Feels good to be on the right side of history.
  2. Carbon (and GHG) emissions are not the only concern. We can’t forget to think about biodiversity loss and land use. Tipping points are multifaceted and if we only focus on GHG we may still lose the climate battle.
  3. Africa is still an after-thought sadly, and we may need to chart our own course to become a major player in global conversations.



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